Editing Myself – a new song from me

As long-time readers of my blog know, I like to write and share music every once in a blue moon. I don’t know when the next blue moon might be, but it’s the end of the year, so here’s a song!

I’ve been working on a book for much of 2011, and will be doing more writing in 2012 … and I’ve been editing myself a lot … so I thought I’d write a song about editing myself.

Feel free to take a listen (song is embedded above)! I’m playing with Bandcamp too – here’s my Bandcamp page. If you REALLY enjoy the song, feel free to buy it for a whopping $.99 (plus tax, I think). Bandcamp is cool!

OK – the song…

Editing Myself (by David Lee King)

Drinkin lots of coffee, got my writer’s hat on
inkin lines on my laptop, typin into dawn
if it doesn’t measure up, if my copy don’t fly
I’m gonna click and drag it right into my trashcan pile

I am editing myself
I am editing myself
pullin my thesaurus off the shelf
cause I am editing myself

I don’t always scribble everything exactly right
all my words don’t rhyme and my letters seem to fight
I can highlight copy paste to my heart’s content
rewrite what i don’t like until my brain is spent

now i got a rhyming dictionary and I’m lookin up a word
I need three syllables that rhyme with bird
not sure how it’ll fit, it is probably absurd
but if you’ve listened this far, well, you might have overheard

Enjoy, and here’s for a wonderful 2012!


Improve your Copywriting!

Smashing magazine logoWant to improve the writing on your library’s website? Check out Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website by Smashing Magazine.

here are their five copywriting errors:

  1. Writing inwardly
  2. Burying the lead
  3. Mediocre meta material
  4. Saying too much
  5. Weak or no Calls to Action

Good stuff – go read it, then work on improving those copywriting skills!

Final Cut Pro X video tutorials

For those of you that edit video on a Mac … Final Cut Pro X is VERY different from the old Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. Interestingly enough, the new Final Cut operates a bit more like the simple iMovie, but has some very powerful features, too. Apple is attempting the best of both worlds – simplicity and powerful features. Have they pulled it off? Beats me – do a search for articles about the software, and you will find a mixture of love/hate articles on it!

But if you just want to know how to use the new Final Cut, Israel Hyman at Izzyvideo.com has helped us out. Izzy has created a set of 26 tutorial videos for Final Cut Pro X. I just finished watching them – they’re good. I’m now ready to go edit some video!

If you create videos, and want to know more about the new Final Cut (or if you’re like me and are still trying to figure it out), I’d recommend watching these video tutorials – good stuff.