iPads, iPhones, and Flash

I have an iPhone. I also have an iPad2. And apparently, I don’t have Flash.

I say “apparently” … because I haven’t really missed it. Sure, there’s been a couple of times that I’ve run into the “you need to install flash to view this” message – usually on a poorly-designed website that I tried to get to from a link in an article I was reading.

But have I missed Flash? No, not really. Most of my browsing activity comes from reading RSS feeds, which I get just fine. Most of my video viewing comes via Youtube, which I also get just fine.

If I need to test something from my library’s website, our library catalog, or our databases, I get those just fine too. No Flash required.

How about you? Do you find yourself missing Flash? Is it a problem? If so, how come? Please share!

Our First Completely Online Annual Report

Our first all online, interactive annual report

Annual reports – gotta do ’em, and they’re usually boring as all get out. Right? This year, we decided to be a bit creative and have some fun with ours.

OK – partly, we had to “be creative” this year – the printing budget was cut, so we couldn’t do our normal glossy, 4-color annual report. Sometimes, those types of constraints are a good thing!

So, my library’s Creative Group (marketing, programming, and the web dudes) put their collective creative heads together and came up with a really cool, interactive, all-online annual report. Take a peek!

Lots of parts and pieces came together here – some copywriting, some remixing of content created throughout the year, our director making a video in front of a green screen at WIBW, a local TV news station, and lots of heavy Flash creation (by Michael Perkins, our Digital Services Supervisor).

Even better – last night at our monthly board meeting, the board members loved it … and the local newspaper wrote an article about it, too. How often does YOUR library get an article, in the paper … about your annual report?

Good stuff (and good staff) at my library!