SXSWi2008, Day 3: Frank Warren’s Keynote

Frank Warren does the PostSecret blog

Starting off with a video Frank made of some of the secrets from his site – nicely done

He put some postcards in the back of the room – here’s one secret that was filled out: “My large company sent me here to steal ideas from start-ups – I’m pretending to be a freelancer.” [aside – yes, there are some scumbags here]

When we feel like we’re keeping a secret, it can hold us back – he’s enabling a form of confessional

Frank’s a good speaker – he’s doing all the right speaker things

Wow – he started out by physically collecting secrets – he passed out postcards on the street, asking for secrets – then posted the postcards on the wall of an art exhibit

He stopped when the exhibition stopped… but postcards kept coming to him, so he created his blog

The band that cut “Dirty Little Secret” used his postcards in a music video – Frank didn’t take money – instead, he asked the band to donate to a suicide hotline. Nice.

showing some secrets that the lawyer didn’t allow to be in his book for copyright or privacy reasons

interestingly… by sharing these at this particular conference, he IS publishing them – they are being photographed and filmed and blogged… hmm

he used his community built up around the blog to raise $30,000 for another suicide hotline that was having financial troubles – they raised the money in a week, and saved the hotline.

He keeps the barcode stickers on because it shows the journey the card had getting from the person to him, and it provides a sense of authenticity

Picasso said “there’s an artist born in all of us”

Someone shared a “secret” – he proposed on stage… and she said yes! Neat.