Gadget Graveyard

Remember my library’s techie toybox? What happens when those gadgets are new no more? Check this article out (found via vBSetup): Gadget Graveyard: 10 Technologies about to go extinct.

Here’s their list:

  • landline phones (ok, my family still has this – check back with me in another year or so)
  • floppy disks (my kids once asked me “what’s a floppy disk, dad”? I stared at them a sec, then realized they had never seen one. Time flies!)
  • wristwatches (don’t wear one – that’s what my iPhone’s for! and the computers I stare at all day)
  • VHS Tape and VCRs (yep – still have these, too)
  • Beepers (iphone again – the beeper is no longer needed)
  • Film Cameras (haven’t had one for years)
  • typewriters (interestingly, my 9-year old has one … ONLY because Molly [the American Girl Molly who lived in the 1940’s] had one, and my mother-in-law still had an old one in a closet. Yes, a typewriter was an odd present for a 9-year old, but she loves it!)
  • walkmans & discmans (haven’t had one in years)
  • dialup (My library serves a whole county – Topeka has broadband, the county is pretty spotty)
  • DVDs (I still use these, and we still watch DVDs. But that’s now. They’ll be gone in 10 years time, I’ll bet).

What would you add to this list? Or how about this question – what in this list does your library still support, and why?

Pic by Timothy Hamilton