SXSWi2009: Change (v2)

Speaker – Lawrence Lessig

aside – GREAT speaker. Fun use of Keynote, well-paced.

He’s talking about current issues – scientists taking large sums of money from drug companies … and then they “approve” a drug, other similar money things (ie., lobbyists)

Money is not evil

These dependencies weaken trust
– scientists say it’s ridiculous to say that the money they get affects their viewpoints
– politicians say the same thing

Wow – basically showing how lobbyists influence government. Scary.

His point – government gets easy 2+2=4 style questions wrong, because they are guided by dependencies that guide them the wrong way

Now talking about government-regulation / extortion problems

A great way to change this:
– only taking donations from citizens, each person capped at $250
– another idea – don’t give any more money to politicians until they agree to this.
– His site –