Questions that Need Answers

So, I’ve been reading the tweets, and talking to some people about the OverDrive/HarperCollins fiasco with ebooks – and it looks like there are quite a few questions that need to be answered. Here they are (please add the ones I’m missing):

  • HarperCollins: Why 26 checkouts/uses?
  • HarperCollins: Did you talk to libraries to come up worn that number? If so, which ones?
  • HarperCollins: Did you talk to any of your authors about this change? What did they say?
  • OverDrive: Why the secrecy in your letter? Why were you hiding HarperCollins’ name?
  • OverDrive: are there other publishers jumping at the bit to do this? If so, when will that hit?
  • OverDrive: Did you argue against this? Because you surely knew that libraries wouldn’t be fond of this idea.
  • OverDrive: My understanding is that this announcement went out as a PDF file to OverDrive partners. How come you didn’t publish this as a press release on your website? Again – shy the secrecy?

So – what other questions need answers here?