Free State Social – Jeremiah Owyang #fssocial

Jeremiah OwyangJeremiah Owyang was the last speaker of the day. Notes from his talk:

Who do customers trust? Customers trust friends and families. People turn to each other for help.

Rings of social influence: Prospects, Customers, Employees, and Brand

In the past, the brand was the only thing that communicated, typically faceless.

Employees as example – best buy is encouraged to use @twelpforce – anyone at Best Buy using twitter can respond.

(reminder to myself) Social media brands punkd (thanks KrisMcDonald21 for the link!) – google this for shining examples of doing it wrong.

Zappos customers trust other customer product reviews.

OK – not much here in the way of notes. It was the end of the day, and Jeremiah said lots of good stuff in his talk and the next day’s small group sessions that I need to process further (and will probably blog about – stay tuned!).