Free State Social – Ellyn Angelotti #fssocial

Ellyn AngelottiTitle: The New News Cycle

Ellyn Angelotti works at the Poynter Institute for media studies. Stuff I found interesting from her talk…

Explaining how news has become interactive. There used to be no way to engage with news stories, and that is changing.

How have the web changes affected news?

X factors:

News is published the same – people share the story after it’s published

Take queues from your audience

Facebook users share more than 5 billion pieces of content each week (libraries – so shouldn’t we be creating content around our content that people can share???)

85 percent of college students have a Facebook account

Journalist’s digital presence – Some are segmenting their personal and professional.

News orgs should put their videos on youtube instead of just their website – put it where people are already going.

Someone in the audience publishes news – then what?

Hudson river plane crash – first pic came from a personal trainer – not a reporter (@jkrums on twitter)

Ouch – foursquare tip – never take a class with a certain professor!

Location based journalism…?

Journalist uses audience to report, then what? They now use the audience before, during, and after the event.

SXSWi2009: Integrated Multimedia (IM) Video Journalism

Speaker – David Dunkley Gyimah

Starts in 1994 … and it relates to video journalism today
– read a definition of video journalism from 1994
– They were called VJs

gave an example of how he does different cuts for a video interview – he does it quickly

Shoot with the edit in mind – so your goal is to shoot the final product

If he shot this session, he’d take 4-5 shots of the room, no more than 30 seconds wort, then do a quick interview with the speaker later

2005 – the bottleneck – new theories are appearing.
– how does this inform what we do?
– called 2005 the “what if” year
– there’s now more of an integrated design aesthetic – you do the interview, the video, the web page, the promo, the design that stretches across all of those things (hence the title of this presentation)

Played a clip of Tom Kennedy, former head of video at the washington post – basically said video journalism is simply allowing other people to tell their stories.

Q&A – what can we do with iMovie and a cheap camera? Answer – it’s not the gear, but about what you do with it