Check out LISEvents

The always excellent Blake Carver, who runs LISNews and LISHost (they do an awesome job of hosting my website), has recently created a new tool for us library types – LISEvents.

Here’s what Blake says about LISEvents:

“LISEvents is a community-based site intended to aggregate listings of library-related events of all types, sizes, and locations. The site also helps speakers find gigs and event planners find speakers.”

Blake’s goal is to list every conference,large and small, that might be of interest to those of us working in libraries. There’s also a place for speakers (just added myself).

So – check it out, add your library-related events, and add yourself, if you like that public speaking thing!

Donate to LISHost

What a cool idea! Jenny and Michael have set up a cool fundraiser for LISHost (the dudes who host my blog and many other librarian blogs). Here’s what Jenny says: “So to thank him [Blake Carver, the dude behind LISHost] for all of his efforts, both on our behalf and for the profession, Michael an  I are raffling off a Nintendo Wii to help show our appreciation in the form of a fundraiser. Please note that neither LISHost nor LISNews is in financial trouble, and this is not a call t  “save” them. This is simply a way for us to acknowledge Blake’s efforts and thank him for everything he does.”

I’ll second what Jenny and Michael said – Blake runs a great website hosting service and has the best customer service I’ve ever seen in a webhost – he’s awesome!

If you want to donate, go to Jenny or Michael’s posts, click the Donate button, and fill out the form. Jenny and Michael – thanks for the great idea!