on my iPhone

Just a quick post to show this – did you know you can get, a live video service, on your iPhone? I loaded the app onto my iPhone, then remembered that I had a ustream account… so I did what tends to come naturally to me… I played and experimented a bit!

So the above video is of me doing a live video stream from my laptop, and showing the live video stream on my iPhone.

Anyone using live video stream services like or in their library? If so – what are you doing with it? Let us know!

Patrons Use Social Media Tools, Part 2 – The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Topeka on Ustream.TVI love finding emerging tools and services in use outside of the library. Why? Some librarians I’ve met aren’t sure if “normal people” use these things… they tend to think that only techie types use them.

Pointing these uses out also helps libraries see 1. what our customers are using, and 2. provide ideas for how WE as libraries can reach out to our communities, using tools and services the community is already using.

So what’s our local Rotary Club doing? They are live streaming their events, using – how cool is that?

FYI – they also have a twitter account.

Libraries – anyone live streaming events using tools like or Let us know!