on my iPhone

Just a quick post to show this – did you know you can get, a live video service, on your iPhone? I loaded the app onto my iPhone, then remembered that I had a ustream account… so I did what tends to come naturally to me… I played and experimented a bit!

So the above video is of me doing a live video stream from my laptop, and showing the live video stream on my iPhone.

Anyone using live video stream services like or in their library? If so – what are you doing with it? Let us know!

Patrons Use Social Media Tools

Think it’s only geeky librarians like me that use social media tools like Twitter or YouTube or wikis, and your community isn’t really there yet? Think again.

Here are two examples of people in my local community (Topeka, KS), engaging with others via new-fangled social media tools (both discovered via the vanity feeds set up for my library):

Example #1: Dancing Teens, Twitter, and YouTube

This morning, I saw Chris Abraham’s tweet saying this: “These super friendly high school dancing girls are going to YouTube to get ideas for dance routines. Social Media rocks here in Topeka, Kansas!”

And his Qik video and blog post of the event (Qik video embedded below):

Yes, the girls were practicing their dance routine at Topeka’s Starbucks (I try to never be seen dancing in public… but that’s another story entirely :-)

So what do we have? One guy, passing through town … creating live video, blogging about it, and twittering about it. About two teenagers that use YouTube NOT for entertainment, but to find dance choreography ideas.

Example #2: Technology Planning in Topeka

A local newspaper columnist asked Topeka techies (using a wiki, no less) this question: “How do we make Topeka a better community by using technology? That is the question I address to you. Join me in a public discussion and offer your suggestions and let’s collaborate to make Topeka a better place.”

Yes, people in your community are already connecting and engaging with others via social media tools. Are you?