Vote for my SXSW 2013 Panel Session on Community!

SXSW Interactive 2013Update – ok. It’s really for SXSW 2013. Not changing the link, since it’s already been tweeted out. Hee. Maybe I should write a post on proofreading? :-)

Have you ever thought about attending SXSW Interactive (March 8-12, 2013)? It’s not a librarian conference, though a growing number of librarians have been going the last few years.

But it IS a great technology and emerging trendsconference, and usually has some really big names in the tech world presenting on a ton of topics – everything from monetizing blogs to how to use social tools for businesses, to the future of the web.

It’s a really good learning and networking opportunity … which is why I want to present there! SXSW has a unique way of figuring out who presents – they let their community vote on the potential topics, using the SXSW PanelPicker.

This year, one of the potential sessions includes me, Michael Porter, and Amy Buckland. Michael and Amy presented at SXSW last year, so here’s hoping! Here’s what we plan to talk about:

Title: We build online communities. Really, we do.


The concept of an online community means more to libraries than simply having a chatroom and a blog for folks on which to comment. It involves making resources freely available, teaching our communities how to access these resources, and getting local community members to interact and work together in ways no other civic institution can.

Be it digital collection or ask-a-librarian, libraries have been building online communities since before we were “supposed to be” online. In most cases, our technology is not particularly cutting-edge, and our SEO tactics are sometimes lacking, yet our communities love and use our online resources and want more.

Even with the unique success stories we have there is room for you to help libraries build community and succeed, especially as technology evolves and makes new services and outreach possible. Hear about how libraries made it online, and help us figure out how we can keep making it better in the future.

Here’s what I’d LOVE for you to do – vote for our session! You’ll need to set up an account to do it (it’s easy to do). We really want to see more librarians at SXSW Interactive. We have some really good insight into user communities and content trends that the business world simply doesn’t have. So this is just one way to get librarians and our unique knowledge out into the greater world.

So please vote us in!

Writing for American Libraries

Head’s up – remember that Public Libraries Magazine column that I have been writing with Michael Porter for about five years (wow – 5 years. Really?)?

Well – starting in January, Michael Porter and I will have a new column … and we have moved from Public Libraries Magazine to American Libraries.

Our new column is called Outside/In, and here’s what we plan to write about:

“The Outside/In column will bring information about what’s happening in the larger world of tech trends (outside) to see how they apply to libraries (in). Readers can expect practical information, news and tips about emerging Web and technology trends” (from American Libraries’ press release).

We plan to stuff those columns with great, useful content … and stuff even more into the online version of those columns! So – read it in the magazine, but make sure to visit the online version too. There, you’ll find links and extra online-only content. And you’ll also be able to leave comments there (which we’d really appreciate!).

Here’s the online version of our first article – Calls to action online.


Photo by way cool cindiann

Library 101 – Coming to a Screen Near You!

Michael Porter and I like to make videos. Music videos. Music videos about libraries! Remember our last one?

Well … we have a new one coming out called Library 101! We plan to debut it at Internet Librarian 2009 (during our presentation about making videos on October 28), and we are pretty stoked about it, too! Why, you ask? Well…

  • The music rocks harder than last time
  • We have turned up the video production a few notches (Michael is turning into quite the video producer!)
  • We have a website complete with essays from some amazing people
  • We found a sponsor (thanks, Information Today!)

But most important – the message. Library 101 tells a story. A story about the evolution of libraries and librarians. Historically, we grew and evolved to a certain point. Some of us are continuing to evolve, others are not quite there yet but are working to get there.

The goal of our song, our video, the website and essays? To inspire you to grow, to evolve, and to change your communities!

Michael does a great job of explaining Library 101 on Maurice Coleman’s regular T is for Training podcast. Take a listen. And more importantly, take a listen and a look on October 28 – I will post the video as soon as it goes live, so stay tuned!

Photo by libraryman