This Week in Libraries – Have you Subscribed Yet?

This Week in Libraries #4: Helene Blowers, Michael Stephens and David Lee King. from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.

Do you know about This Week in Libraries yet? It’s the creation of Jaap van de Geer and Erik Boekesteijn, both in the amazing Innovation department at DOK, Library Concept Center in Delft, Netherlands. Besides working at a beautiful library, they help organize the UGame ULearn conference and tour the world’s libraries collecting stories as the Shanachies.

In their spare time, they recently created This Week in Libraries. It’s a weekly video show that does exactly what the show’s name claims – they talk about what’s going on this week in libraries … globally. Interesting concept! Even cooler (to me, anyway) – they create the show in the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam’s (Amsterdam Public Library) podcast studio … how many libraries can say they have one of those?

I was on last week’s show, along with Michael Stephens and Helene Blowers. We talked about the conferences we just spoke at, digital innovation, the iPad and ebooks, change, and the recent budget woes of many US libraries. It was a fun conversation – watch and see if you agree.

Anyway – I suggest checking out This Week in Libraries, and subscribing if you find it useful (I have subscribed).

UGame ULearn: Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens talkingMichael Stephens spoke last, and gave an inspiring talk on change and libraries. Again, my random notes and tweets:

let our core values guide everything we do.

encourage the heart – satisfy their curiosity, encourage users, etc

Showing examples of good vs bad practices.

A “do not move the furniture” sign vs an academic library giving over the 1st floor to the students – putting in chairs and tables, and saying ‘ move them anywhere you want … and then watching what the students do with it, and plan new areas of the library around how the students move stuff around. Nice.

What gets in our way?

  • institutional culture – “we’ve always done it this way” that type of mindset
  • embedded staff – the staff that has hunkered down, it’s their stuff…
  • silos of knowledge – what if they leave?
  • outdated methods…
  • organizational structure
  • barriers and rules
  • mindset …

technolust – wanting tech because it’s sexy. Don’t do that – do it because it helps your mission

Guides, not gatekeepers. what we should be doing.

augmented reality – we need to be the ones adding content to physical spaces via augmented reality.

“A whole new mind” – Daniel Pink – a book to read

learning 2.0 – after going through a learning 2.0 program, there’s more confidence in libraries, new users, more awareness, etc. It will change your staff – new ways of thinking and working. They feel more included, confident.

confidence, use of new technologies, etc…

self-directed exploration.

non users – how do we find them?

find them, talk to them, GO to them. Ask them.

put the library everywhere – in the palm of your hand, in a beautiful building, etc.

Break down barriers – ex – your policy manual Can you change it, simplify it?

Develop your personal learning network – reading tweets, following blogs, etc – important to always be learning.

balance is key. Twitter will be there tomorrow. It’s ok to take a break, balance life.

Zigzag bridge

  • Sign with it – walk a bit, stop, then turn. Every time you turn, you change your point of view, your experience, etc.
  • “evil spirits” can’t follow you, because they fear change.

And one tweet:

if you’re not having fun, something is off. @mstephens7 #ugul10 9:38 AM Apr 1st via web