Seen at the Richland County Public Library

My book seen at Richland County Public libraryTyler, from the blog, was kind enough to take this snapshot of Designing the Digital Experience sitting on the shelf at the Richland County Public Library and email it to me! Here’s what Tyler said about the book:

Hey David,

I bought your book off of Amazon yesterday, but also went down to the
Richland County Public library to check it out until it gets here.

Attached are the pics from that visit!

I found about you and your site a little while ago by searching for
something about designing a better blog for users (can’t remember exact term).  I started a personal blog,, about 3 months ago — I
don’t have a huge technical background, but I’m learning as much as I can
so I can make sure my blog is “good” for my customers, aka readers.

While your book is *marketed* towards designers and business owners, I
think that anybody who has any type of website can benefit from the book,
even a small “not for profit” personal blog like mine.  I’ve already found
quite a few things from reading your book that I can apply to my blog.

Feel free to post this on your blog or testimonials page or whatnot — I’d
love to help sell the book, it’s great!


Thanks Tyler for buying the book, taking the pics, and the kind words! You rock!