Nice review of Face2Face!

My new book - Face2Face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer ConnectionsCheck out Paul Signorelli’s review of my book in his post titled David Lee King: face2face with Social Media and Social Graces.

Here’s my favorite part of his review: “Which brings us to the playful foundation of David’s book—the understated yet implicit redefinition of our concepts of what the term face to face means in our onsite-online world. As we read through David’s sections on “business casual,” “where and how to begin,” “measuring success,” and “applying what we’ve learned,” we can’t help but see that effective use of the tools under discussion make us realize we can just as easily be face to face online as we can in the original sense of the term—when we’re onsite with someone.”

While you’re at it, make sure to check out Paul’s blog – you are guaranteed to find something that will make you think!

And make sure to buy my book if you haven’t! What book is that? Face2face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections. Get it in print and ebook versions.

iPhone Sound Amplifier: a video review

So WirelessGround, out of the blue, offered to send me an iPhone Sound Amplifier in exchange for a review of the thing. So I agreed – here’s the video review:

If you watched the video review – it’s sorta cool, huh? Basically, the Sound Amplifier works just like a small megaphone – no wires needed. Just place your iPhone in the Sound Amplifier, and the volume will get boosted by about 12dB naturally.

So – if you’re interested, go here and check it out. If you end up buying it, use this special coupone code – davidleeking – and you will get 15% off.