Notes from SEDIC

SEDIC Conference in the National Library of SpainThe last conference I spoke at in Spain was for SEDIC (Asociacion Espanola de Documentacion e Informacion) in Madrid. Here are the notes I took during the other sessions.


  • Milagros del Corral Beltran (the Director of the Spanish National Library): opened session, thanked the U. S. Embassy for participating, then mentioned something about how U. S. libraries are doing lots of 2.0 stuff.
  • Rosario Lopez de Prado (president of SEDIC): talked about web 2.0 being an easy to use set of tools. Mentioned that SEDIC was another great tool for libraries. Said the U. S. Embassy was a great example and leader.
  • Margaret H. Bond (Agregada Adjunta de Prensa de la Embajada de EE.UU. – she worked at the Embassy): she said some nice things about me, and some other stuff, too … about then, I stopped listening for a sec, because I noticed that every time the photographer (there was an “official” photographer at the session) took a flash photo, the translator headset I was using made a popping noise… and I found that rather interesting and distracting… :-)

Next up – a session on Learning 2.0 in Spain!

Natalia Arroyo spoke first:

  • Natalia gave an overview of how their learning 2.0 program went. I think she said this version was primarily for para-professionals (which is pretty cool).
  • [then the interpreter told me she needed to rest her voice for when she interpreted me, so stopped interpreting for awhile – so I didn’t catch all of this session]
  • She discussed their goals: to create a learning community, spontaneous learning – student to student, continuous learning, hands-on
  • It went for 8 weeks. Look at these numbers: 8 instructors, 1190 participants!
  • More than just Spain – they had Latin American and Portugese participants, too.

Isabel Fernandez spoke next about the wiki they set up for the Learning 2.0 program:

  • she discussed how and why they used a wiki
  • the wiki focused on introducing 2.0 tools
  • gave a general overview of wikis
  • Mentioned Ohio Universities Biz Wiki as a good example (go, Chad!). Also the Seville Library wiki.
  • Mentioned the Library Success wiki, too (go Meredith!)
  • Also mentioned an academic library 2.0 wiki (not familiar with that one)
  • Had a couple great ideas for encouraging and growing participation on the wiki: thank users personally, welcome first-time users, and acknowledge the wiki writers’ work.

Then I spoke (I’ll share my presentation in the next post).

It was a great day, great content, and wonderful librarians.