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Yesterday, I was playing with Youtube and Facebook Page insights for my library, and found something interesting. Look at the demographics of who’s visiting us in those social networks – not 25-34 year olds. Not teens. Nope.

For Youtube, it’s 45-54 year old females. Followed closely by 55-64 year old women! Facebook looks a bit more “normal” to me – 35-44 year old and 25-34 year old females.

But wow. To me, those demographics really don’t much match up with what one’s first impression of a social network’s demographics would be. Ask anyone who the average viewer of  a YouTube video is, and you’ll hear “18 year old male.” NOT “Oh, I’m sure it’s a 50 year old female!”

What’s that mean to my library? Well, depending on our goals, a couple of things:

  • Goals. Did you read that? First, you need some goals. Take 10 minutes and figure out what your library’s goals for Youtube and your Facebook Page are.
  • Are we good with that demographic? If so, then great – we got em! Now, we need to make sure we’re creating targeted content in those social networks for that demographic.
  • If we aren’t hitting our targeted demographic, maybe our content needs to change … or who we friend needs to change.

What else? Anyone finding similar results in your organization’s Facebook Page or Youtube Insights? Do tell.

UGame ULearn: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk via Skypevia Skype

Gary talked a lot about his background, which is very important to his story of how he uses social media and why. If you want more info on that, make sure to read his book, Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion
(given out to all conference attendees).

Became passionate about wine, decided to build the largest wine company in the US.

Launched Wine Library in 1997

2005 – started wine library tv

spent 12-15 hours a day in social media, building a community. Has been able to monetize that community

our culture is shifting to the online world – the quicker we embrace it the better

pointing out the fact that he is speaking to us from his apartment in NYC, for free via Skype – 5 years ago, this would have been extremely pricey.

I tweeted some nice quotes and thoughts, too – here they are:

  • #ugul10 @garyvee – “our culture is shifting to the online world – the quicker we embrace it the better” 8:26 AM Apr 1st via web
  • @garyvee doesn’t do things for the money – instead, he does it for the process and because he loves it #ugul10 8:36 AM Apr 1st via web
  • #ugul10 @garyvee “i’d make a library much more like a Starbucks … almost like your favorite bar … make it more inviting.”
  • #ugul10 @garyvee – “don’t apologize for what you believe in.” Us librarians often DO apologize…
  • #ugul10 @garyvee has to play with the new tool before he’s able to do something with it – I say that too – immerse yourself, then build
  • and one I re-tweeted from someone else: johanmijs #ugul10 @garyvee about passion and conviction: beat the crap out of them because you are better. Libraries should become media companies.