SocialMinder – your thoughts?

Three people asked me to try SocialMinder, so I did. SocialMinder “is an online assistant that helps you maintain relationships with your LinkedIn network” (from their website).

Here’s what I saw – I was asked to add in my LinkedIn contacts, and then I was emailed a report telling me which relationships “should be strengthened” – meaning people I haven’t connected with on LinkedIn for the longest.

What’s wrong with that? The six people SocialMinder told me I’d needed to connect with … I have. Five of them I saw last month at a conference, 3-4 of them I see daily on Twitter. One of them I’ve connected with through Facebook.

So for me, SocialMinder is a cool idea, but didn’t work. And I wanted to share that with them, so I clicked on their feedback link… which took me to some Digg-like “vote for the best improvement” thingie.

Moving on… :-)