SXSWi2009: Integrated Multimedia (IM) Video Journalism

Speaker – David Dunkley Gyimah

Starts in 1994 … and it relates to video journalism today
– read a definition of video journalism from 1994
– They were called VJs

gave an example of how he does different cuts for a video interview – he does it quickly

Shoot with the edit in mind – so your goal is to shoot the final product

If he shot this session, he’d take 4-5 shots of the room, no more than 30 seconds wort, then do a quick interview with the speaker later

2005 – the bottleneck – new theories are appearing.
– how does this inform what we do?
– called 2005 the “what if” year
– there’s now more of an integrated design aesthetic – you do the interview, the video, the web page, the promo, the design that stretches across all of those things (hence the title of this presentation)

Played a clip of Tom Kennedy, former head of video at the washington post – basically said video journalism is simply allowing other people to tell their stories.

Q&A – what can we do with iMovie and a cheap camera? Answer – it’s not the gear, but about what you do with it