SXSWi2008, Day 2: Quit Your Day Job and Vlog

Zadi Diaz, Bre Pettis, Lisa Donovan (Lisa Nova on YouTube), Lindesy Campbell

lots of people taking video of people in this session

People who have made videoblogging their day job – topic of panel

Telling their stories:

Lisa Donovan:

  • started a small production company
  • lots of corporate stuff
  • they wanted to be more creative in their down time
  • this was about 2 years ago – they discovered youtube
  • started posting videos…
  • her videos have been watched 40 million times
  • They use the resources they have – no money involved – just time, primarily
  • she was picked up on MadTV 2 months after she started doing the youtube stuff

Zadi Diaz:

  • EpicFU – internet culture show
  • her background editor is in publishing and acting
  • she started vlogging to keep in touch with her family, then discovered other vloggers
  • hooked up with rocketboom
  • show started as JetSet – recently changed the name
  • the British Council is a fan of her show, and they’ve invited her over to do something
  • EPIC-FU IS their job
  • (aside) Steve Garfield just walked around the room, vlogging the session)

Bre Pettis:

  • got started as an art teacher
  • 2004 – he started doing online video
  • he mentioned the library! Loves the 700 section in the library
  • started making DIY videos
  • 2006 – started doing DIY videos once a week

Lindsey Campbell:

  • she’s an actor (translation – she was acting, singing, and temping in NYC)
  • saw an ad for a web hosting for a financial show thing and auditioned for it
  • she did wallstrip – acquired by CBS Interactive last year
  • “the internet IS TV”

Some people tell them it’s too bad they haven’t made it on TV or film

They are just a little bit ahead of traditional media, and traditional media types are starting to contact them and ask questions – sort of like what I do in libraries

Bre’s suggestions

  • don’t make people wait even a second – cut everything to the edge
  • Make friends with musicians
  • publish often
  • own your IP
  • take acting classes
  • take care of your teeth


  • start where you are
  • don’t quit your day job – just start there – make a show with the people around you

Campbell – email your heroes – they might help you

q – what’s the justification for being in the web space with trad media companies that bought video?
– they wanted to be in the space
– it’s experimentation

building a community – they want to feel like they’re participating with you, hanging out with you, connect with you – the web offers that connection point