Information Tomorrow has finally arrived!

Information tomorrow: reflections on technology and the future of public and academic librariesCool beans! Rachel Singer Gordon’s newest book, Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public and Academic Libraries, just came out. I know, because I received a copy in the mail today.

And why did I receive a copy? Because I wrote one of the chapters! My chapter is chapter 10, An Experience to Remember: Building Positive Experiences on Library Web Sites. It’s about… you guessed it… experience design and library websites. If you read the chapter and still want more, never fear – I’m 2/3’s of the way through a whole book on the topic. So hold on to those longings :-)

But please don’t stop at my little chapter! There are a bundle of amazing authors in this book, including:

  • Stephen Abram
  • Lori Bell
  • Steven J. Bell
  • John Blyberg
  • Robert Bocher
  • Daniel Chudnov
  • Jill Emery
  • Meredith G. Farkas
  • Megan K. Fox
  • Beth Gallaway
  • Joseph Janes
  • David Lee King
  • Jenny Levine
  • Tom Peters
  • Dorothea Salo
  • John D. Shank
  • Michael Stephens
  • Rhonda B. Trueman
  • Jessamyn West
  • Alane Wilson

Wow – just wow. I’m thrilled to see my name in this smorgasboard of emerging library delight.

Web 2.0 Presentation at the Allegheny County Library Association

PittsburghI just gave a presentation at the Allegheny County Library Association on Web 2.0 and emerging trends. it was fun! This group of librarians is very lively – during the presentation, there were lots of great questions were asked and there was some fun discussion, too. That type of interaction certainly makes it much easier for me!

Thanks, ACLA, for a great time!

Here’s a copy of my presentation (warning – it’s a rather large PDF file, so it might take awhile to download).

Celebrating My Second Blogging Anniversary with a Song

For my second blogging anniversary, I’m not going to spew y’all with boring numbers about how popular my posts are, how many people subscribe, etc. Instead, I’m going to give you some good, old-fashioned entertainment (well, maybe not old-fashioned). I’m going to give you a song. And a video. About Web 2.0. ‘Cause I’m sometimes silly that way. So – if you want to download these behemoth files, here they are:

And of course, since my singing is most likely incoherent to some, the lyrics, in all their danged glory, are included below. Enjoy!

Are You Blogging This?
2006 by David King

My picture is flickring around technorati
And I just discovered I am such a newb, I’m on YouTube

Are you blogging this?

Delicious myspace then tell me with meebo
Drop my feed into bloglines, I’m so web 2.0

Are you blogging this?

Blogger blummy skobee ditto seekum suckingfish
frappr zoomr feedwhip blish
seekum previewseek swicki wink
scanr talkr cheapr soonr kitchen sink

All Ourmedia’s confusing me
Maybe I need to read a Wikipedia entryAre you blogging this?

Google froogle blogger SketchUp calculator talk
news catalogs academic search
images video alerts
SMS picasa translate search

Are you blogging this?