Handheld Librarian 7 is Next Week

Handheld Librarian 7Have you ever attended the Handheld librarian online conference? I have, and have enjoyed them – they’re usually full of great ideas on using technology, mobile tools, etc.

I am one of the presenters at next week’s Handheld Librarian 7 (it’s being held on August 15-16)! I’m giving the last presentation of the day on Wednesday – here’s what I’ll be talking about:

Title: Face2Face: Using Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections

Description: The average library or organization has yet to embrace emerging social tools. In fact, many haven’t even started. Yes, they have a website. But the content is mostly ABOUT the organization – there’s no face 2 face engagement between customers and the organization. Social tools like Facebook or Twitter? Relatively non-existent. If they DO exist, they are used primarily as one-way broadcast mediums. Not as a way to connect with and deepen relationships with customers.

What are these organizations missing? Real, online connections with their customers. In this presentation, David explains how online engagement works, and provides practical ways to start and sustain conversations with customers.

Other speakers include Earnestine Adeyemon, Robin Ashford, Jason A. Clark, Bohyun Kim, Breanne A. Kirsch, John Larson, Chad Mairn, Willie Miller, Mary Minow, Iman Moradi, Dawn Nelson, Ken Petri, and Sue Polanka. Ellyssa Kroski and Lee Rainie are both keynote speakers. Find out more about the sessions/speakers on the HHL Presenters page.

It’s a great conference, and there’s no travel involved! If you’re interested, make sure to register now.

Facebook in the Library – an ALA Techsource Webinar

ala tachsourceWanted to make sure you know about this – on November 2, I’ll be leading an ALA Techsource webinar on Facebook. It’s titled Facebook in the Library: Enhancing Services and Engaging Users.

And here’s the blurb about it:

Around 154 million Americans—51 percent of the population—are now using Facebook, according to a recent study by Edison Research. How effectively are you using this direct, free means of communication to reach out to your library’s patrons and users? Digital branch and social networking innovator David Lee King will share what he’s learned from years of experience and experiments with the Topeka and Shawnee County’s Facebook page. He will answer your questions and share time-saving tips on getting the most out of using Facebook.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals for setting up and managing your Facebook page
  • The difference between a personal Facebook profile and an organizational Facebook page
  • Planning content for your library Facebook page
  • How to engage the library’s Facebook fans
  • How to market your library through a Facebook page

You’ll need to register for this event, but it should be a good one if you are interested in expanding your library’s Facebook presence!

Presentation for #risg2011 – Creating Customer Experience

I just finished giving a presentation via Skype to a thankfully patient group of Australians! So … I decided to get fancy, and attempt sharing my slides via Skype. That didn’t work so well. I think the folks in Australia saw a couple of the slides, then I spent a few wild minutes trying to make it work, all the while asking “what do you see now?”

Well. The microphone worked! And here are my slides (that you mostly didn’t see if you were actually at the conference):

Thanks again, and really hoping to meet some of you who attended this conference in September!

Upcoming Webinar – Building the Digital Branch: Designing Effective Library Websites

If you’re interested in building better websites, make sure to sign up for my upcoming webinar for ALA TechSource on June 8 – Building the Digital Branch: Designing Effective Library Websites. Just click the link to sign up!

This will be the second time I have given this webinar. If you attended the first one, never fret! There will be new content – I’m going to talk about how Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (where I work) built our current website (the redesign went live on March 1).

Here’s the blurb for the webinar:

Every library needs a presence on the web. Whether you work at a large academic library or a public library in a small town, you need to be able to deliver service and content to patrons outside  your building. David Lee King will once again present this popular workshop, taking you through the process of building an effective, user-friendly library website that will expand and enhance your library’s presence in the community.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully plan and implement a redesign of your website
  • How to find out what patrons want from your website
  • How to use your website to interact with patrons
  • How to create strategic plans and goals for your website

Sign up NOW!