CIL2008, Day 1: Fast & Easy Site Tune-ups

Speaker: Jeff Wisniewski

Keep content fresh

– Update your copyright date! You can use code to do this
– add a last updated script to your page (do it as an external script so you use one script in many places
– add photos to contacts! Goes a long way in increasing user’s trust in a website

Turn boring old contact info into exciting hCards
– using microformats extension – allows you to import contact info into your address book

Don’t use click here. Instead, use Current articles are available here (with current articles text as the link)
– “Current articles” – a trigger word, it’ll be highlighted as a link, so it’ll stand out more

Harness the awesome power of the 4 question survey!
Great questions to ask:
1. what’s the purpose of your visit to our website today
2. were you able to complete your tasks today
3. if you weren’t successful, why not?
ps – ask for their email

Web 2ify your site

update look with web 2.0 stylr, etc

Use graphics when possible


Yslow (firefox extension) – helps figure out why your page is slow

Exploit the user’s cache to speed up your site

For server admins:
– set certain file types to stay fresh/not expire
– image file types, css, js files, pdfs
– this helps speed

add an expiration date code thing in your .htaccess file – another speed thing

single image rather than multiple combined images will speed the site up – fewer http requests

eliminate inline scripts – call scripts externally instead

spring cleaning – tidy your homepage
validator – will automatically fix your css
CLEANCSS – it will unbloat your css, compresses it, etc

Move important info our of the blindness zone (top header area, far right, etc – “banner blindness”

Page titles
Google Webmaster accounts? sign up for account, get lots of goodies, including title tag analyzer

page titles – best way to structure:
document title | section name | library/site name

add labels – screen readers read this, the checkbox text becomes clickable – not just the checkbox itself

make sure to use radio boxes and check boxes appropriately

Make your site social media friendly

add social bookmark links
– social bookmark creator – select bookmark service, it spits out html code to dump into your website

Q from me – is it dynamic?