Check Your Signs!

I was room 429 ...A couple months ago, I stayed at a hotel in Wisconsin with this sign … seems pretty useful, huh?

Except if you’re in room 429, like I was. I actually had to hunt a bit to find the room (it wasn’t obvious).

The point? Make sure to check your digital “signage” once in awhile. Make sure your labels and headings still make sense. Did you change the name of a room or a service? Make sure to change that name everywhere on your website, too.

Has your budget shrunk and you needed to drop a few databases? Make sure you removed those links on your database page (and any other page that mentions them, too).

Have you checked the driving directions to your library lately? At a previous job, I checked them out after starting, and discovered they were WRONG. So I actually hopped in my car, and drove around for awhile, taking notes of different ways to get to the library – and updated those directions.

Website maintenance never stops, huh?

Oh – and Happy New Year, too! I am looking forward to a fun, challenging 2010 – how about you?