Day in the Life of a Digital Branch Manager

Every once in awhile, I write a “what David did today” post … I’d love to see what others with similar jobs did!

So – What did I do today?

  • Checked to see if someone was answering a couple of blog post comments on our website (they were)
  • Gathered updates from my department about our nasty Conflicker worm (almost cleaned out – nasty, nasty worm. Still have to yell at McAfee.
  • Also got updates about our virutal servers we recently purchased, about scanners for the public, and about our recent bandwidth upgrade
  • Lots of Podcamp Topeka work (we’re hosting a podcamp) throughout the day- emailed owner to see about being listed there, emailed our cafe manager to figure out lunch costs, created a pbworks wiki page for session leaders, and tweeted about it a couple of times
  • Added 23 things kansas meeting to my calendar…
  • emailed youtube video of local family using our summer reading coupons at applebees to library managers
  • lunch at my desk … twitter/rss/emails/facebook messages
  • walked around public floor, asked staff how PCs were behaving
  • Did some planning for Thursday’s skype call with Darien Library for our weekly managers meeting
  • Worked on updating our Technology Plan to send to the state… erate and all
  • Finished off the day researching how to write an Experience Brief – thinking about writing one for our website.

Whew! Busy day for me.