CIL2009: Help your library be omnipresent without spending a dime

Speaker: Nina McHale & Curt Tagmeier ?


the embedded, widget-ized library – iphone app for the catalogs, chat widgets, igoogle gadgets

She wants us to share the love – get our code out there so others can reuse

give it away! any place where you can have/show cut&paste stuff – provide the HTML for others

This is easy – copy/paste stuff. So even your patrons can do this

Everyone will start using our stuff! Check with your IT folks first, but it’s ok.

Authentication stops others from using your stuff – but they can copy and adapt your code.

Creating a steal this code tool

decide what kind of widget code chunks you want to offer

Cool – her library IS sharing stuff.

Showing some examples



build your own mobile website with this tool
We’re building one live …

Gave example of building a widget with this tool.