Why do Librarians use Facebook?

I’m sometimes asked why librarians should be interested in Facebook. Here’s a great answer to that question, via other librarians!

This video is one of a series of videos I’ve been creating for our library, called Tech Tuesdays. Tech Tuesdays is a weekly video series that focuses on emerging technology, library technology, etc – and focused on our patrons (find more of them in Topeka Library’s YouTube channel).

For this particular Tech Tuesdays video, I interviewed four of my colleagues at work, and asked them why THEY use Facebook. The answers are great:

Jeff, Adult Services:

  • keep track of friends
  • invited author to speak at library

Anne, Adult Services:

  • keep track of friends
  • teaching a facebook class for senior citizens on how to connect with family through facebook

Kyler, Youth Services:

  • keep track of friends
  • posts his upcoming music gigs (for himself and for library storytimes) on facebook

Gina, Library Director:

  • keep track of friends
  • shares info about the library and personal life

Interestingly, all four answers include a mix of personal connections and actual library work. Social media is still a pretty gray area – is it work? Is it play? Is it both? I think it’s definitely both… but that’s for another post.