Skyping from my Car (and other Wow moments)

Yes, that’s right. I recently participated in a conference call (for Library Renewal). Via Skype. In my car, using my iPhone.

… and yes, no texting was involved, and I used a hands-free setup, so I was as safe as anyone talking on the phone while driving …

And it worked, and I was amazed! Something that took fancy headsets, a computer, and a great Internet connection a few years ago is now easy enough that I can do it on my iPhone in my car. And a day before that, I talked to someone from Australia, to go over a webinar I’m doing soon … I’m even planning to share my slide deck via Skype.

I have to admit … stuff like that blows me away sometimes. Pandora on my iPhone would be another one of those things (streaming music on my phone – no way!) or perhaps a uStream video shared from my cell phone (live, streaming video from a cell phone that anyone in the world can watch – really? Wow!).

Maybe I’m just easily amused…

But yeah. I had a Wow moment. Are you having Wow moments these days? If so … what is it? What’s giving you a Wow moment?

I’m listening …

Video Coolness at My Library

Have you been thinking about diving into video? Confused about where to begin? Here are some ideas, taken from the highly creative people that work at my library.

First off, the William Allen White booktalks. What are they? From our Papercuts blog: “Traditionally, the Kansas William Allen White (WAW) book award nominee booktalks have been performed annually by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library staff in person at local area schools. Realizing that it is impossible to reach all students in the service area in person, Sandy Lane and Robin Clark collaborated with Topeka area gifted students to produce these highly creative videos on Youtube featuring book reviews of the current William Allen White nominees for 2007-2008. The videos include interviews from “The Dr. Dyl Show”, several inanimate object reviewers, masked anonymous book reviewers, and one with exceptional headgear.” (go read the whole post!).

Here are the videos:

Two other videos from my library to point out:

  • 90 second book review: Austenland – ”
    The Barbies are back, this time to act out scenes from the novel Austenland by Shannon Hale” (from the About This Video on the YouTube page).
  • World of Warcraft commercial parody – Belf Librarian – “Lysistrata is a Blood Elf Hunter. She is also a librarian. This video is a parody of the popular Mr T. and Shatner commercials, made by a Warcraft Blood Elf about her alternate life in the library.” (again, from the About This Video text). This is a cool video – and a great example of machinima, too.

You can find these videos and more on our YouTube channel. So… that’s what we’re doing with video… what are YOU doing with video?