ALA12 Presentations

As promised, here are my two ALA12 presentations. There was some great discussion at both!


I also participated in Battledecks. It’s not for the faint of heart! My goal wasn’t so much to win – more to say something coherent on every slide, and attempt to stick to the topic. And I think I achieved that, with some humor thrown in to boot. So mission accomplished there!

Salem Library Blog Awards – Honorable Mention!

Cool – I received an honorable mention in the Salem Press Library Blog Awards for 2012! They put me in the “Public Libraries” category, which works fine (since I work at one, after all). Apparently Bobbi Newman and I were neck and neck in that category (just between you and me, I’d probably vote for her too, ’cause she rocks the blog!).

Thank you to Salem Press, to the judges, and to anyone who voted. It’s pretty cool to be mentioned in such good company, I have to say!

It’s cool to be recognized for good work. But you know what? There are a LOT of amazingly great blogs listed on the blog awards page, and I think ALL of them are winners. You guys – you other library blog writers. You put in a huge amount of work, some of you multiple times a week. And here’s the thing – your blog isn’t part of your job. It’s something you do on the side. For kicks (yep – we’re weird that way).

You might do it for fun, or to be “published,” or to share thoughts with others. Some of you might think of it as a second job. I’d guess that some of you really haven’t thought much about your blog at all, other than getting that nagging … “wow. This is cool. I must share it!” feeling that comes right before hitting the publish button.

In my book, you guys ALL get awards. If you’re listed on the Salem Press Blog Awards site, you get an award. If you just started a blog and you’re pumping out great content – you get an award too! So here’s the DLK You Rock the Blog Award (link is here) – Take it. Use it. You deserve it. Be proud of what you do!

And make sure to check out all the Salem Press list of award winners. Every one of those blogs is worth reading. Thanks, Salem Press!


Say Hi in Anaheim!

ALA AnnualI’m headed to Anaheim, CA next week for the ALA 2012 annual conference. Busy time, that conference! My time will be full of meetings, sessions, and the exhibit floor, touching base with a bunch of techie vendors.

I’ll be giving a few presentations while I’m there, too. Please stop by and say “hi!” Here’s where I’ll be:

  • Sunday, June 24, 10:30 a.m.–noon. RUSA President’s Program: Library in Your Hand: Mobile Technologies for Exchanging Information with Patrons. The MARS Conference Program Planning Committee has produced a program on the use of mobile devices in libraries as communication tools between librarians and library patrons. Mobile devices are increasingly being used to provide libraries with the opportunity to disperse information at the exact point of need. This program will explore the importance of libraries supporting mobile technologies for the dissemination and acquisition of information. Other speakers include Joan Lippincott, Associate Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, will speak about why libraries should embrace communicating with patrons through mobile devices, and Kristin Antelman, Associate Director for the Digital Library at NCSU Libraries, will speak about mobile initiatives at NCSU including WolfWalk, a photographic guide to the history of NCSU optimized for mobile devices.
  • Monday, June 25, 2012, 8:00am to 10:00am. Let’s Work Together: Integrating Social Media, Online Marketing, and Outreach (RUSA). Speakers will discuss how their organizations have reinvented their online presence using social media as a way to interact with their communities. They’ll also address their personal and organizational investments in the implementation of an ongoing online, socially-interactive presence; give hints and advice regarding the implementation of new media and how these roles and responsibilities are assigned to staff; identify the criteria they used to develop their social media plan; and explain goals and measurement tools for keeping on track.  Other speakers include Jen Robinson, Marin County Free Library and Marshall Breeding.
  • Monday, June 25, 5:30pm – 7:00 pm. Battledecks! Battledecks is not for the faint of heart. It is a nerve-wracking event where those competing must create a coherent presentation from a deck of slides that they have never seen before. This is truly the perfect way to end your conference experience as these courageous individuals compete for the glory of being crowned the next champ.

Say hi if you see me, and cheer me on for Battledecks – I’ll need all the help I can get!

All my Notes from BlogWorld Expo #bweny #BEA #beabloggercon

New York CityFor those interested, here’s a list of all my notes from Blogworld Expo, BookExpo America, and the BEA Bloggers conference in one handy place.

There’s some really good stuff here – but it’s a LOT to go through, too. I know I will be going through these, sharing some at work, and pondering others for my own blog. Enjoy!

Blogworld sessions:

BEA Sessions:

BEA Blogger’s Conference sessions:

Facebook Marketing #Blogworld

blogworldpresenter: Amy Porterfield – website and Facebook Page

OK – wow. She had a lot of stuff to say, and said it fast. I was typing fast and furious, and definitely missed stuff. Including the actual title of her presentation :-) Definitely focused on Facebook marketing though. If you want some tips, tricks, and next steps for your organization’s Facebook Page, read on!

Big picture outcome for Facebook: Why are you on Facebook? 

  • goal is to choose 2-3 core outcomes that are aligned with your overall business goals
  • key is to prioritize your outcomes – and don’t pile on too much at once
  • be realistic, yet aggressive
  • Your goal might be product promotion, relationship building, build authority, increase revenue, etc.
  • Great point – if you have a Facebook Page, and no one’s doing anything there … you are wasting your time. So figure out what you want people to do next, and start planning for that.

Seven Facebook Marketing tips for Facebook Pages

#1: Know your Platforms

  • profile vs Page.
  • You can have only one profile, and it must be in your name.
  • A Page is for your business to engage, promote and sell.

You need both!

  • when you have both, you get double the exposure
  • your profile will likely get more engagement
  • you can only have 5000 friends with a personal profile
  • You can’t target your Friends via Facebook Ads
  • You can’t create opt-in opportunities on your Profile

#2: Add a Subscribe Button

  • The subscribe button allows anyone on Facebook to view your public profile posts
  • if someone subscribes to your profile, your public posts will now go directly into their News feed
  • It lifts the 5000 Friends barrier

Why add the subscribe button?

  • if someone requests to become a friend, they are instantly subscribed to your public posts
  • people feel a stronger connection to you through your profile vs your page

#3: Impeccable Branding

  • Use the Timeline cover to draw attention to something in your custom apps
  • Point to stuff you want people to do
  • What’s the next step you want people to do – point to that

#4: Create a Timeline Photo Strategy

  • put up different photos
  • If you’re advertising something, put that up.

Restrictions for Timeline Cover Photos (Facebook apparently has some restrictions for Timeline photos!):

  • no price or purchase info
  • no contact info
  • no reference to Like or Share or any Facebook site features
  • no calls to action
  • no promotions, coupons or ads
  • no URL

Cover photo should not be primarily text-based

Timeline cover photo strategy

  • use text and images together
  • Mari Smith ads notes to her audience in her timeline cover image
  • change the image regularly – it makes it more interesting
  • People are there to look at images, watch videos, have a little fun – so make it fun

#5: Create a Custom App Strategy

  • – third party tool for creating a customer Facebook App
  • – another customer Facebook app company
  • next step – what do you want your fans to do? Create opt-in opportunities behind the custom app.
  • add stuff to subscribe to, sign up for, etc
  • use action words for your apps – Sign up, watch, enroll now, etc
  • keep people inside Facebook, and that helps build people’s trust.

Custom App How-to:

  • showing how to swap positions, change names, etc. There’s an Edit Settings area. Use a Call to Action for the name of the app.
  • Make sure to use a thumbnail!

Side tip: Grow your fan base first, then start using Facebook Ads

#6: Take advantage of the new Engagement features:


  • this appears at the very top of your Facebook Page, and stays there for 7 days.
  • Include a picture or a video, and a call to action.

Highlighted Posts

  • it stretches across the whole timeline.
  • Do both on a weekly basis

scheduled posts

  • you can do this through Facebook now – you don’t have to use Hootsuite. Cool.

Promoted Posts

  • at any one time, only 16% of your fans see your posts. Promote it, and Friends of fans will see it too.
  • This costs money.
  •  You can only target with language and location.

Engagement is still the key to marketing smart on Facebook

  • example – one guy does something, say creates something. Then tells people, and asks them to say yes (in a comment) and click Like if they want it. Comments count more than likes – so his engagement goes up.
  • Don’t post unless you have a call to action. Ask people to do stuff! Ask for likes, comments, etc.

Facebook Insights:

  • Look at the current posts view weekly, and find the stuff that’s working well – then do more of that.
  • Her most popular posts were because she ran Page Post ads – it helped her get more engagement. They are simply ads that let you click Like or leave a comment.

#7: Create an Image Campaign

  • Images on Facebook are popular – most popular stuff on Facebook
  • build a campaign around the images
  • think about your content, and get that content in an image.
  • gave an example of this – she created an image with a quote, and added the photo of the person who said the quote (i.e.., Seth Godin). People loved these!
  • posted them one a day before a launch for a campaign

Create a lead generating visual campaign

  • text based image…
  • add the link to the thing in the status update
  • Use an image as a call to action – click Like if you agree.

Q & A: Facebook Groups. She uses them for niche or stuff with a narrower focus.

Q & A: Scheduling posts? You have to figure out the best time for your fans. So experiment to find the best time to post.

Q & A: Engagement ads – click Like if … type of an ad. When they click Like, they become a Fan of your Facebook Page.

Q & A: why send people to a custom app instead of your website? Current behavior – people want to stay inside Facebook. Build a strategy around the behavior people are already doing.

Q & A: how do you get likes? Add a like box on your website. They become an instant fan. Get active outside of Facebook.